Screen shot 2012-JPEG-04 at 12.20.45 PMNeuroplasticity. It’s a fairly new word in the world of psychology, psychiatry and education and it’s causing a great deal of excitement and wonder. Essentially it means: Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

Your brain can be rewired. Scientists now know that the brain can actually create new neural pathways, which means the behavior and ability to learn at any age can be altered and improved.

No longer must you buy into the belief that as you get older your memory goes and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.  Nor must you buy the belief that as you age your balance becomes worse and worse until you spend most of your day just sitting in a chair because you are so afraid of falling. Specific movements and activities can alter your feeling of safety and balance and increase cognitive ability.

Children with learning disabilities can, in most cases, improve their brain function, mood and behavior to a significant degree through specific movements and techniques that activate and connect the neural pathways in the brain to rewire or rebuild the lower or malfunctioning areas.

But conscious choice is key.  Your brain won’t improve on it’s own it needs you to take charge, make changes, and reprogram undesired neurological, biological and energetic habits that have formed and cause you to live in a less than optimal way. Specific movements and techniques have been identified that while they seem simple and fun to do, will over a relatively short amount of time cause profound reprogramming that will lead to the kind of life you desire and you deserve.

If you are unhappy with the current state of your health and vitality I urge you to research the topic of Neuroplasticity and get excited! Then contact me and allow me to help you create the changes in your being that will, at any age, create a happy, healthy, holy life.

Wishing you many blessings.


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Free Intro Classes

Do you often feel tired, out of sorts, anxious, stressed
or not yourself?

Would you rather have more stamina, a strengthened immune system, techniques to relieve pain, sharpen your mind and memory and enhance your overall health and vitality?

If so, attend this free intro class taught by Certified EEM –(Eden Energy Medicine) Practitioner, Margaret Mather.

EEM is a method of working directly with the body’s energy systems to help create health and wellness.

You will leave with safe, effective and free tools to enhance your body, mind and spirit.

This fun, supportive class will be held in beautiful seaside
Madison, Connecticut
Address to be disclosed upon registration.

Sunday, July 29, 2012 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Sunday, August 26, 2012 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Sunday, September 23, 2012 7 – 8:30 p.m.

You are welcome to attend one class or all three!

To learn more and to register:
Or call: 203 318 8862

*As an added bonus all attendees will receive a voucher for a half price Energy Medicine Session with Margaret Mather.

Come learn how to be your own health care system!

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The Daily Energy Routine Instructions (DER)

The Daily Energy Routine

The Daily Energy Routine (DER) is a set of exercises that will help you to build a stronger energetic core. Most People can feel an immediate difference in their energy level or sense of well-being after doing this set of exercises. This means swift success in bringing basic energies into better integration, coherence, and flow -at least temporarily. It may take time to shift entrenched patterns. You are encouraged to perform the exercises in the DER frequently.

The first set of techniques is known collectively as:

Start by finding the little notch at the base of your throat, move down about an inch and then out about an inch to either side and bunching your fingers together begin to “thump” vigorously. This area is known as K-27 and is thought to be a junction point for all your other meridians, Tapping this point will help to wake up your energies and get them flowing forward. Tap these any time you might feel drowsy, or have a lack of energy/trouble concentrating/have trouble staying focused.
Thymus thump
This point is found at the center of your sternum.
Tapping stimulates the thymus gland, which helps to create t-cells to enhance your immune system and support your body as it metabolizes threats to your health and helps your body handle shock. (Think of Grandma’s hand flying to her to chest when something upset her) It is sometimes called the surveillance gland in the sense that it watches to make sure all is well. The Thymus gland also works to eliminate the hormonal residue of stress.
Thump when you: feel low on energy/need a boost to your immune system/want to relieve stress/have just received shocking news.
Spleen rub/thump
These points are found directly below the nipples in the indent that is one rib below the “bra line” &/or four inches under the armpit ~ thump either or both, they are usually tender.
Spleen “the great metabolizer”, oversees the body’s ability to metabolize everything, food, substances, thoughts, and other energies. Thumping these points helps to bring more energy to the spleen meridian, which also governs the Pancreas. Thumping helps to activate the lymph system to clear toxins that could be blocking the spleen meridian functions. The Spleen meridian also governs blood flow, infection and inflammation. Tap whenever you: need an energy lift/ to help balance blood chemistry/have autoimmune disease/ have chronic fatigue/feel faint/to help reduce fever/metabolize toxins.

The Cross Crawl and *the Homolateral Crossover exercise
Energy crosses over from the left hemisphere of the brain to the right side of the body and from the right hemisphere to the left side of the body. Figure 8 crossover patterns can be found throughout the body, down to its organs and cells and up to the aura that surrounds the body.
Cross Crawl:
~While standing, sitting, or lying down, lift your right arm and left leg & then your left arm and right leg as in an exaggerated march for at least a minute. Do this while breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.

***If doing the cross crawl tires you or leaves you feeling uncoordinated this could indicate that your energies are running in a ‘homolateral’ (running straight up and down your body) pattern. Doing the cross crawl exercise is not enough to correct this pattern and in fact, can further lock in disorganized energies. In this case the Homolateral Crossover re-patterning exercise is a powerful correction. Homolateral simply means that the energies are not crossing over and the body cannot adequately access or move the energies it stores. It is a pattern that nature designed to slow you down so you can rest, heal, or re-group. It becomes a problem, however, when rather than helping to restore strength, the homolateral pattern becomes a habit that interferes with optimal functioning.

Signs indicating that you may be running homolateral are:
Your senses are less acute/you feel less alive/you tend towards depression/exercises that should benefit you instead drain you/it is hard to think clearly/you are chronically exhausted or ill and for unknown reasons can’t get well/you are more awkward or clumsy than usual/you have trouble staying focused in a classroom or work setting.

We are born in a homolateral state. When we begin to crawl the brain begins to set up crossover patterns and reinforces them over time. All “oppositional” exercises such as swimming or walking can strengthen the necessary crossover patterns in the brain if those crossover patterns are active if they are not and you are in a homolateral state, then crossover activities will cause fatigue and further disorganization in your energies.

The Homolateral Crossover Repatterning Exercise:
First do the three thumps and then begin marching in place, lifting right arm and right leg & then left arm and left leg about 12 times. (Be sure to breathe deeply throughout entire routine).
Pause – take a deep breath in and out then change the pattern to the cross crawl (see above) lifting opposite arms and legs for about 12 lifts.
Repeat the pattern twice more.
Anchor it with an additional dozen cross crawls and end with a repeat of the Three Thumps.
*Note: these instructions can be easily adapted so the exercise can be done when you are sitting or lying down.

The Wayne Cook Posture (& **Crown Pull):
This exercise is designed to link the energies of the back brain with those of the front brain. When the back brain and front brain are not communicating properly, a person’s energies are scrambled. Energies become scrambled if you have been under prolonged stress or your nervous system has not had the necessary rest it needs to rebuild. For some people, energy scrambling is a defense mechanism that forces them to stop what they are doing and re-group. For others, the necessary crossover patterns in the brain are not strongly established to begin with. A scrambled state prevents the assimilation and storage of new information because the brain and its energies are disconnected. If you are scrambled, your energies can scramble the people around you as well.

Symptoms of scrambled energy: feeling overwhelmed/crying or exploding easily/cannot think clearly/cannot recall or keep track of what you are doing/cannot comprehend easily what you just heard or read/falter in saying what you mean/confuse left and right/difficulties with spatial orientation/reverse letters and numbers/dyslexic.
Sit with your spine straight. Place your left foot over your right knee. Hold your left ankle with your right hand and the bottom of your left foot with your left hand ~ your wrists will cross one another.
Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting the breath lift our body while pulling our leg toward you. Exhale slowly through your mouth, relaxing your body. Repeat four or five times.
Switch to the other foot and repeat.

Uncross your legs and “steeple” your fingertips(press all your fingertips together), resting your thumbs just above the bridge of your nose at the “third eye”.
Hold this position as you breathe deeply four or five times.
On the last exhale, curl your fingers at the center of your forehead, and push in, and with pressure pull your fingers slowly to your temples, stretching the skin on your forehead. Move your fingers to the hairline and repeat the stretch. Repeat this pattern at the top, center and back of your head. Continue until you reach the back of your neck. Move down to your shoulders, press in at the shoulders and then pull across the shoulders across to the front, cross them and bring them to rest over your heart for as long as feels good.

**When you breathe, the plates of your skull move subtly with each inhalation and exhalation, pulling apart just a bit along the suture lines. This subtle “cranial adjustment” helps to pump the cerebra-spinal fluid into the brain and also helps to oxygenate the brain. When the skin of the scalp becomes tight, the muscles on the head grow rigid, or the movement of the skull plates is impeded, we can become clogged mentally and energetically-we become “stuck in our heads”.
The Crown Pull helps to release such stuck energy and provides support to the natural movement of the skull plates.

Connecting Heaven and Earth
This exercise helps to open energies throughout the body, particularly in the joint areas, which helps prevent arthritis. It is great to do in moments of transition to clear out old energies and make space for the new in your body as well as in your life. (For example: between classes, before leaving work or upon arriving home)
Start with your hands on your thighs and take a deep breath in and out.
Inhale through your nose and circle your arms out and bring them together into a prayer position. Exhale through your mouth.
Inhale through your nose and stretch one arm up and one arm down, pushing with your palms. Hold, exhale and return to prayer position. Switch arms and repeat twice for each arm.
Drop your arms down, fold your body forward at the waist and relax with your knees bent slightly. Take two deep breathes before slowly returning to a standing position while swinging your arms in a figure 8 pattern as you come up.
Do this when you: feel disconnected/have achy or sore joints/feel you have taken other people’s energies

The Celtic Weave
You can think of this exercise as creating an energy system like the weave of a cloth or basket that helps create a “container” for all your body’s energy. The Celtic Weave is like a web that draws all our energy systems into a network of communication through a criss-crossing dance of large and small figure 8’s and sometimes other geometrical shapes as well. It weaves your aura back together, pulling it into its natural healthy state and “stitching” it more securely to your body.

Stand tall, hands on thighs. Breathe deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth throughout this exercise.
Rub your hands together and shake them off, face your palms toward each other and feel the energy between them. Rub and shake them off again.
Place your palms close to your ears, inhale and bring your elbows together. Exhale, cross your arms in front of your face and swing them out to the side.
Cross your arms and swing them out again in front of your waist, your lower legs and again at your ankles.
Then bend your knees, turn your palms forward, scoop up the energy and bring it up to the top of your head and imagine it pouring all over you as if you were taking a bath in your energies.
Do this when you: feel too expansive or too contracted/feel you can’t claim your own space/feel vulnerable to other people’s energies/feel thrown off by the environment/have difficulties communicating.

The Hook Up
The hook up is a deceptively simple yet deeply profound energy intervention. It involves creating a connection between the energies that travel up both the front and back of your body. These energies form the energetic “spine” connecting the mind and body, maintaining the body’s deep habits, and sends energy out to all the other energy systems. It connects a strong energy field around the body that helps you feel whole and connected.
Place the middle finger of one hand between the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose (3rd eye). Place the middle finger of other hand in the navel.
Gently press each finger into the skin and pull it upwards. Hold for half a minute or so or until you feel a shift, experience a deep sigh, yawn or just feel like stopping.
Do this when: you are feeling disconnected from yourself or others/feel as though your are losing it/you need a sense of calm/feel dizzy, faint or the start of a seizure/feel nauseous/there is a sudden shock or change to your system.

The Zip-up and Lock
This exercise boosts your confidence and clears your thoughts. It protects against negative energies that may be around you. Doing the zip-up is an excellent time to state an affirmation.
Place your hands at your pubic bone, take a deep breath as you move your hands slowly straight up the center of your body to your lower lip.
Repeat three times, on the final time “turn the key” at the lower lip to “lock in “ the zip-up.
Zip up the back by starting at the bottom of the tailbone (the sacrum) moving your hand as far up your spine as you can and then imagine it connecting at the top of the spine as you move your hand over your head and end at the upper lip just below the nose. Repeat three times before “locking it in”.
Do this when; you feel vulnerable to the energy of others/need a boost of confidence/need more clarity of thought.

Balance your energy to glow with health and vitality!
Margaret Mather, EEM-CP
Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health
415-793-5343 (cell)

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